Short Description.

Super Club Radio is an online radio entertainment that collaborates with Music Fans of all ages. The first online radio from Cyprus that collaborates with professional Broadcasters. This started off as a friends radio community and was developed later on. Song requests can be made through our website. We will be organizing different online activity events.

About Us.

Super Club Radio started at the end of August 2006, founded by Michalis Stylianou and co-founder Nicholas Kyriakides. Our first website was hosted under SNS Online website of Nicholas Kyriakide’s web hosting.

The radio server was established and soon we had our first DJ / Broadcasters on our online radio. We broadcasted with others, while we were active over the Undernet IRC Network on channel #SuperClub. Co-partner and Music Producer Marinos Avraam joined us as part of our adventure. He mentored us and helped us learn the basics of broadcasting, made our radio spots and participated as a broadcaster. No event or party would have ever been accomplished without his help.

Our first event party rolled out at the end of August-31-2007, where we had only around 40 members and was near the Cyprus Tourist Organization beach just outside of Larnaca. On 5th of September 2008, we made our second event party where we had over 120+ members and was at the Governor’s beach outside of Limassol, where we took a special license for renting the area from Pentakomo Municipality for our event.


Need help? You can visit our Facebook Page for more help on whatever you may need. Ask your questions or just leave us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.

Terms of Service.

As you join our network you are applying to confirm and understand all about our terms of service. This here be by understood and be cautious of our agreement to Super Club Radio. Read carefully and understand every detail what to do and what not to do. Please read further HERE.


Nicholas Kyriakides – CEO & Co-Founder.
Marinos Avraam – Main Broadcasting Producer.
Rafaella Georgiou – Graphic Designer, Advertising, Admin & Producer.


Help Us Pay Our Bills

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Donation Total: €10.00

By donating you are helping us pay our bills. So we can give you our time and entertainment we also pay an amount of money to these every month. We pay a bill of amount to our hosting provider around 10 euros per month, plus our radio servers that cost around 10 euros. We have paid plugins that we pay every year for the site to stay up and running that have another amount and then we have the cost of our domain once a year around 15 euros. We are adding also new content and new functionality to the site continually.

Thanks for your donations & understanding!